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No Appraisal VA Streamline

Most lenders currently require Veterans to obtain appraisals in order to refinance their VA streamline loan. At, we provide options that do not require an appraisal, and we can work with lower credit scores!

Many veterans with VA loans are looking to refinance their homes. Whether it’s to lower your interest rate or shorten the life of your mortgage, a VA streamline offers more than money saving opportunities.

VA Streamlines For Veterans Only:

  • No appraisal necessary, no equity-no problem!
  • Lower credit ok
  • No income verification

With the above benefits of a VA to VA refinance (VA streamline or IRRRL), not only is it easier to refinance a loan- it’s also an easier way to save money. When refinancing, Veterans can defer up to two monthly mortgage payments. Also, whatever is in your current escrow account at the time the loan closes is paid out in cash. With a lower interest rate, your monthly mortgage payments can save you up to a hundred dollars or more. Over the life of the loan, thousands of dollars will be saved on interest payments.

Using a VA streamline, staying in a VA loan allows Veterans to keep the previous benefits of the VA loan program. Since the government backs part of the loan, there isn’t private mortgage insurance to pay every month, which could potentially save hundreds of dollars. VA streamline loans are assumable. The next owner of the home can take over the mortgage (subject to the VA’s approval). VA loans do not have prepayment penalties- which means you can pay your loan off as quickly as you like.

Our Company appreciates the time our veterans have served for our country. We are dedicated to helping veterans choose the best refinancing option that fits their needs. Fill out the form on the website and a VA stremline loan officer will be in touch with you shortly, or feel free call us at 888-407-0010. We look forward to working with you on your VA streamline refinance.

Again, don’t let another VA lender tell you that you need an appraisal to refinance your VA home loan, we can help you with a No Appraisal VA Streamline today!